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  1. FAQs

*** NOTICE***

Most issues encountered when installing this system are resolved by grounding the unit directly to the battery, this unit will become the heart of your vehicle having all power flow through it a strong ground is Mandatory.

The installation is fairly straight forward, we do recommend professional installation as it requires identifying specific wires and making connections.
To bypass the factory immobilizer, you will use either a data module or a bypass module.
If When you depress the brake and the start button starts blinking Check the heavy gauge White wire to make sure this is hooked up to your starter, If you have a relay inline be sure to check and make sure it is wired properly and is operating correctly. If when you depress the brake the start button DOES NOT blink, check your brake wire connection, our small gauge brown brake wire needs to receive 12Volts when the brake is depressed.
Yes, you can put a resistor inline of the blue wire coming from the start button.
Yes, you still need to use the brake wire however you can wire in a tilt switch on your clutch and then hook up the brake wire to that. NOTE: Our brake wire must receive 12V+ in order to tell the unit to crank the motor or shut the motor off.
The PBS-X looks for a ground signal from your aftermarket alarms ground when disarmed wire, this signal can either be a pulse or latch. If it is a pulse, the PBS-X will remain authorized for 30 seconds.
The PBS-X was designed to work with all aftermarket alarm systems; a factory alarm system does not give out the proper output to trigger authorization.
Yes, However you need to make sure to diode isolate the signal so that the unlock switch in the car will not trigger our system to authorize. When doing this make to test all of the lock/unlock switches in the vehicle.

There are no videos for this topic at present.

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