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Make a statement with our dazzling new OEM style Key

In our never ending quest for perfection, our engineers set out to create a new OEM style key fob to rival that of the world's top luxury automakers.

With an exquisite new design that is both stylish and functional, the new iKEY OEM fob provides fully automated operation of your vehicle's doors and ignition in a sleek, elegant new package. A quick glance is all that is needed to appreciate the fine craftsmanship that went into this advanced design. Its rugged high impact plastic housing is surrounded by a broad band of heavily plated chrome giving it an exquisite upscale appearance. The elegant chrome banding also features two eyelets for attaching your fob to an existing key ring if desired. The soft textured finish feel luxurious in your hand and makes gripping easy. The updated outer case is thicker, more substantial, and made to endure punishment.

In addition to performing "hands-free" operation of your doors and ignition, the OEM fob features 3 buttons which provide standard lock, unlock, trunk open, panic and remote start functions. A distinctive blue LED confirms your commands are sent and received by the iKEY system.

This innovative design also incorporates a hidden compartment inside the fob to insert a "Hide a Key" for your door locks, assuring you'll never be locked out of your vehicle in the event of a dead car battery.

You'll feel like a VIP when you upgrade your iKEY system with the beauty and feel of the awesome new OEM key fob!

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